The Church one block east of Main on 15th

Sermon Series for Advent and Christmas

Isaiah’s Christmas: A Journey of Longing and Fulfilment.

November 27, 1st Advent – Isaiah 2:1–5, with our guest Rev. Dr. Keller
December 4, 2nd Advent – Isaiah 11:1–10, "Rest, Peace, and Freedom from an Unexpected Source."
December 11, 3rd Advent – Isaiah 35:1–10, Speak to the Anxious Heart."
December 18, 4th Advent – Isaiah 7:10–17, with our guest Rev. Dr. Keller
December 24, Christmas Eve – Isaiah. 9:2–7, "Light, Glorious Light!"
December 25, Christmas Day – Isaiah 52:7–10, "Lift Up Your Voice!"

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

December 24, 7:00 pm in the lounge

We sing beautiful songs of the Christchild, his promises, and the fulfilled desire of Prophets. Come and invite as all are welcome to hear the incredible news of Jesus’ birth

Christmas Day Service

December 25, 9:30 am Christmas Day Service

Divine Service and Holy Communion as we celebrate with reverence the birth of the Christchild! Extra carols for the season will be on hand as well for this first day of the feast – the 12 days of Christmas!

THIS WEEK ... and a bit ...
  January 2017  
Mon 16 Joint Church Council Mtg 7:00 pm
Thurs 19 Bible Study: "The Lord's Prayer and the Catechism" 10:30 am
Sat 21 Women's Luncheon: St. John's Revelation 10:30 am
     " Hot Pot Dinner! 6:00 pm
Sun 22 3rd Sunday after Epiphany!  Divine Service I without communion.  (Liturgy: LSB p. 151. Hymns: TBA) 9:30 am
    " Sunday School and Bible Study 11:00 am
Thurs 26 Bible Study: "The Lord's Prayer and the Catechism" 10:30 am
Sun 29 Celebration Service: We are guests of St. Matthias and St. Luke. Luncheon follows 10:30 am
January 21
Women's Luncheon! 10:30 am. We continue our interactive study of St. John's Revelation. Parking reserved at front and side of Church. Lunch porvided. Come! Invite! Bless
January 21
Hot Pot Dinner! 6:00 pm. Cost $15. Hosted by St. Matthias and St. Luke Anglican (SMSL). In honour of Lunar New Year!
January 29
Lunar New Year Celebration! 10:30 am folwed by a great luncheon. We are the guests of SMSL.
February 5 (Sundays for 6 sessions) Joining Jesus on His Mission: We begin a sermon series on the on ground breaking work by Rev. Greg Finke (LCMS), we will explore where Jesus is already at work in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, & families. Come and consider wonderful opportunities to prayerfully intercede and care for those around us.
March 5 Tortiere Feast!

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is a Vancouver Main Street church one block East of Main on 15th Avenue. Our purpose is knowing and growing in Christ's love...Sharing His Peace. We welcome you to join us.